GIGANT history in pictures

by Gigant Club

The first V63 (factory identification: VM15) locomotive: V63 001 in its original light color. This locomotive now has been retired. The V63 001 and 002 were manufactured in 1974 by GANZ-MÁVAG. The first locomotive had Siemens made electronics, while the equipments of thesecond one were planned and manufactured by the Ganz Villamossági Mûvek. The maximum allowed speed for the 001 was 120km/h and for the 002 was originally 160km/h. The prototype engines had more powerful dynamic brake (2280kW) than the main serie (1500kW). The first two locomotives ran for a couple of years before the null serie came out in 1981.

This loco is from the "null serie" (V63 003-007). She has the "old style" pantograph and bogie. The bogie of the "null serie" is the same as the one made by GANZ for the M63 class diesel engines ("Diesel Gigant"). The newer locomotives has Krupp made bogies. We didn't see the 004 and 005 for one or two years. Probably they didn't work now.

The maximal speed of the main serie Gigants' is 133km/h except the V63 106. Couple of years ago the 006 (now 106) "inherited" the bogie of the 002, and that's why the technically available maximal speed of this locomotive is 160km/h. The null serie locomotives tend to be rejected soon because of the bogie construction.

One of our favourite locos: V63 013. This loco represents a typical main serie Gigant. She has a relay controlled electronics and wears a crest on her side wall. This is because when MÁV bought those locomotives, some Hungarian cities "sponsored" the purchase of them. Only 6 Gigants have such symbols of Hungarian cities:

Gigants with heralds:
V63 013Dombóvár
V63 017Celldömölk
V63 023Püspökladány
V63 034Budapest-Ferencváros
V63 035Cegléd
V63 036Hatvan

The another imortant milestone was in the Gigant history the changing of the V63 class engines' controlling electronics to a semiconductor based one. This main controller unit is called "Hi-Fi tower" by the engine drivers. V63 037 was the first locomotive which has such equipment. Later MÁV needed some high speed locomotives. In 1992 the 043 was the first locomotive from this sub-class which has regeared to 160 km/h trasmission. Beside this main change some minor modifications were made on the locomotive to satisfy the needs of the higher speed. Parallel to this the number of these locomotives increased by 100. On the picture ex-V63 051 arriving at Budapest Keleti railway station with Arrabona express (1994). (Budapest Keleti-Wien Westbahnhof, Train No. 343.) Now this engine has been regeared for 160 km/h and her number has changed to V63 151. Total 56 Gigant were built for MÁV.

One of the first regeared Gigants: V63 155 at Budapest Keleti railway station with Avas (train No. 202) (1996). She has a name as some ships. The first regeared Gigant serie have named after persons who had great influence in growing of the Hungarian railways:

Gigants with names
Original numberNew numberName of the locomotive
V63 038V63 138Kandó Kálmán
V63 043V63 143Baross Gábor
V63 052V63 152Kossuth Lajos
V63 054V63 154Dr. Verebély László
V63 055V63 155Gróf Mikó Imre
V63 056V63 156Gróf Széchenyi István

The other regeared machines have no name: V63 144,150,151,153.
V63 152 is the last in the row. She is in service from 2nd June 1996.
The V63 106 had a "high speed" gearing, so it was only "renumbered" from V63 006.

The Gigant history now has some black pages. On the 16th of February 1996, the number of Gigant decreased to 53. The V63 001, 002 and 003 has been retired. V63 001 is now at the service place of the Keleti railway station in Budapest. As we know the 001 and 002 preserved for museum purposes. (But it's not sure.)

To be continued...

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