Hungarian State Railways

information page by Gigant Club

Information about the network, rolling stock:

  • Technical data of the diesel and electric locomotives
  • Railroad map of Hungary (84033 bytes)
  • Intercity trains
  • EuroCity trains in Hungary
  • Railroad timetable (experimental)
  • New rolling stock list (1998) of the Hungarian State Railways.
  • Old engine database (1994) of the Hungarian State Railways.

  • Historical data:

  • History table of the Hungarian diesel and electric engines
  • Old Hungarian Steam Locomotives
  • Story of the Hungarian diesel engines. (János Erô Jr.)
  • History of the electric engines in Hungary
  • History of the V63 class locomotives (Gigants)

  • Railroad signals and signs:

  • Electric railroad signals in Hungary
  • Some railroad signs in Hungary

  • Other MÁV information resources:

  • The official WWW server of the Hungarian State Railways
  • MÁV related information on the European Rail Server
  • MÁV átrakási és raktározási igazgatóság (Hungarian)

  • If you have some questions, problems, suggestions or additions, please contact the V63 Gigant Club.

    Last update: Tue Sep 08 1998